Alan Klein serves Jeffrey Erb Landscape Design as an
advisor in business development, client satisfaction and
business operations. Alan has over 20 years of experience
in professional services industries.

After graduating with academic honors from Binghamton
University, Alan further completed graduate studies in
Business Administration in Tel Aviv, where he lived for
over 10 years.

Alan has worked with companies large and small,
predominantly in the technology services arena; and has
been a founding member of several start up companies
where he assisted firms with significant growth, client
acquisition, and maintaining the highest standards in
client satisfaction.

With a former career in landscape maintenance, Alan is
thrilled to apply his corporate knowledge  to the green
industry. Alan's passion for plants is evidenced by his own
terrace full of Japanese Maples and seasonal flowers.
As a company founded on sound
horticultural practices it is
important for us to have a
constant connection to changes
and regulations within the green

Read more about invasive
plants, pests and diseases which
affect our work.

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